1 Discuss How Daily Food Choices Can Help Or Harm The Body’S Health Over Time

2. Describe


1. Discuss how daily food choices can help or harm the body’s health over time.

2. Describe

the national Healthy People objective for the nation, and identify some nutrition-related objectives.

3. Define the term nutrient and be able to list the six major nutrients.

4. Summarize the five characteristics of a healthy diet and describe cultural or other influences on human food choices.

5. Describe the major types of research studies and give reasons why national nutrition research is important for the health of the population.

6. List the major steps in behavior change and devise a plan for making successful long-term changes in the diet.

7. Define nutrient density and explain the advantages of choosing nutrient-dense foods.

8. Identify misleading nutrition information in infomercials, advertorials, and other sources in the popular media.