1 Identify And Briefly Describe Major Management Theories From Early 1900s (At Least 4 Distinctive Movements Or


1. Identify and briefly describe major management theories from early 1900s (at least 4 distinctive movements or

schools of thought).

2. Describe the differences between High context culture and Low context culture and give ex-amples.

3. Information technology has enabled many changes in the structure of organisations. Explain.

4. Explain six distinct attributes which describe the structural differences between organisations.

5. Discuss three approaches on how managers make decisions with examples.

6. Explain the stages of team development and the likely behaviours at each stage.

7. Differentiate Contents theories and Process theories of motivation and name two theories in each category.

8. Briefly describe Kurt Lewin’s Force Field Analysis and give an example of how it can be ap-plied in practice (personal or work-related).