1) When Attempting To Increase Intake Of The Essential Fatty Acids It Would Be Best To Adjust Your Diet


1) When attempting to increase intake of the essential fatty acids, it would be best to adjust your diet


Select one:

a. eat more omega-6 fatty acids because they are more abundant in food than omega-3 fatty acids

b. increase intake of fish containing EPA and DHA because of heart health benefits

c. consume foods that help the body to make linoleic and linolenic acid

d. include a fish oil supplement to make up for the deficiency in omega-3 fatty acids in your diet

e. eat more of any kind of fish

2) What is the most accurate statement to make about the process of hydrogenation of liquid vegetable oils?

Select one:

a. hydrogenation makes oils more healthy because of the addition of hydrogen to keep the oils liquid in foods

b. oils that have been hydrogenated are more resistant to oxidation that causes rancidity

c. hydrogenation will increase the activity of vitamins in oils

d. eating hydrogenated oils has the same health benefits as eating liquid vegetable oil

e. hydrogenated fats have no health consequences and this is all hype

3)Nutrient characteristics of nuts that may lower heart disease risk include:

Select one:

a. nuts are high in dietary fiber

b. nuts contain vitamin E, an antioxidant

c. nuts are low in total fat

d. a and b

e. a and c

4) The roles of enzymes formed by body proteins are important when foods are eaten because:

Select one:

a. each enzyme is responsible for numerous different chemical reactions

b. an enzyme acts as a catalyst to speed up a reaction without being altered itself

c. enzymes signal certain organs to respond to a change in conditions in the body

d. some enzymes can become chemical messengers in the nervous system

5) When comparing the digestion and absorption of proteins with fats it is important to know that that:

Select one:

a. proteins are broken down into individual amino acids and absorbed by all intestinal cells at an equal rate

b. larger peptide molecules must be completely broken down into amino acids to be absorbed into the blood stream from the intestine

c. cells in the small intestine preferentially absorb different types of amino acids, which causes competition by amino acids at the absorption site

d. amino acids need a carrier in the bloodstream because they do not transport well alone