17 Workers Who Feel Excited Enthusiastic Active Strong And Elated Are Most Likely Experiencing ________ A


17. Workers who feel excited, enthusiastic, active, strong, and elated are MOST LIKELY experiencing ________. a.

job satisfaction b. organizational commitment c. openness to experience d. positive work moods

18. ________ is rude interpersonal behavior that reflects a lack of respect for others. a. Organizational conflict b. Workplace incivility c. Negative affectivity d. Discriminatory marginality

19. Which is NOT one of the ways in which managers can guard against faulty decisions due to motivational states? a. base perceptions on observed behaviors b. do not take personal motives into consideration c. concentrate on actual performance d. avoid unwarranted assumptions

20. An individual’s ________ is influenced by his own characteristics, the true characteristics of the target and the situation. a. bias b. reality c. schema d. perception 21. As the ambiguity of a target increases, it becomes ________. a. harder for perceivers to form accurate perceptions b. less likely that various perceivers will perceive the target differently c. less difficult to determine what the target is really like d. easier for perceivers to form accurate perceptions

22. Targets are perceived to be smarter, more credible, and more responsible than others when they have ________. a. more perception b. less power c. greater ambiguity d. high social status

23. When an employee reminds his boss about his past accomplishments, the employee is using the tactic of ________. a. self-promotion b. situational conformity c. appreciation d. behavioral matching

24. People are MOST likely to use impression management tactics when interacting with perceivers ________. a. over whom they have power b. who have power over them c. that they will never see again d. with high situational salience

25. The impression management tactic of ________ occurs when the target tries to present himself or herself in as positive a light as possible. a. behavioral matching b. flattering others c. self-promotion d. being consistent