47 One Of The Advantages Of A Projectized Form Of Business Organization Is That Team Members Are More



One of the advantages of a Projectized form of business organization is that team members are more

likely to focus on the _______________________________.

-functional areas needs of the business such as marketing or supply chain management.

-cost of executing project activities

-needs of clients

-guidance offered by top management


The project schedule is primarily used to determine all of the following except _______________ .

-cost estimates

-activity start times

-activity end dates

-slack times

-activity end dates


Project managers have the highest level of authority and the most power in the _________ organizational structure






Which of the following best describes the activities that occur during the Executing phase of a project?

-Project plans are put into action.

-Project performance measures are compared with expected performance

-Project plans are developed

-Projects receive approval from the executive branch of the organization.


The beta distribution (also called the three point method) is useful when estimating activity completion times because it requires three estimates rather than one. It is particularly useful because it forces the person making these estimates to think about the worst-case, most likely and best-case scenarios.



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