A Candidate With A Master’S Degree 6 Months Relevant Experience And Great Communication Skill Received The Below


A candidate with a master’s degree, 6 months relevant experience and great communication skill received the below

job description –

Position: Assistant Director of Education


To assist the Director of Education to initially train all teachers and continually support the development of their skills, abilities, and understanding of the Balanced Learning curriculum and its implementations in the classroom.


· Coach-able and able to coach

· Competent and confident

· Excellent verbal and written communication skills

· High Integrity

· Good listening and follow up skill

· Ability to provide constructive feedback and advice

· Able to work with others harmoniously

· High coping capabilities

· Solution and detail Oriented

· Strong Classroom management and Organizational Skill

· Highly self-motivated and independent


· Minimum 2 years of experience

· Meet the state licensing and training requirements

· Associate degree

Though the candidate does not have the required experience, he got Master’s degree and the license.

What should the candidate write for below questions so that he proves that even though he does not have the required experience, he is the best candidate for the position. Questions he need to answer –

Why should the board consider the applicant as the most deserving candidate?

Why does he want to join the position and what value he can add the post?