A Celebrity Chef Is Planning Her Presentation On How To Create An Elegant French Dish Which Organizational


A celebrity chef is planning her presentation on how to create an elegant French dish. Which organizational

pattern works best for speeches like hers?

A. Topical

B. Motivated sequence

C. Spatial

D. Temporal

What technician should be used when developing and working your main points and some points, so they’re structured in a consistent and understandable way?

A. Parallel styling

B. Transitioning

C. previewing

D. Motivated Sequencing

As opposed to written style, oral style is characterized by

A. short and familiar words

B. vague or abstract terms

C. formalized sentence structure

D. complex language

What are the five steps in the motivated sequence?

A. Definition, need, perception, realization, satisfaction

B. Selection, identification, deliberation, action, conclusion

C. Attention, need, satisfaction, visualization, action

D. Perception, attention, motivation, visualization, negotiation

The governor opposes the installation of wind turbines as a new energy source in his state because we have never done anything like this before. What’s he using to make his point?

A. appeal to tradition

B. transfer

C. anecdotal evidence

D. testimonia