Abnormal Psychology

This study highlights that&nbsp.the questions that are raised include the sources and impact of kindness or cruelty, the driving force of people to be influenced by other and the development and maintenance of relationships with other individuals. Influences of culture that one is exposed to the behaviors of individual and how people come to grip with the meaning of social environment are other factors that are considered in social psychology. Social psychology addresses the questions with consideration of wide range of human behavior. The field has also been able to answer the main issues that underlie the social world. This has made the promise hold real improvements in human condition. Social sciences have been dedicated in enabling understanding different conditions of human to the extent to which collective or singular human behaviors can be understood and predicted.&nbsp.
This report declares that&nbsp.there are factors that are considered in changes in behavior and social influence. Aggression as a concept refers to range of behaviors that can be as a result of physical or psychological harm to someone (Aronson &amp. Helmreich, 2003). This is able to occur verbally or through physical actions. Altruism is factor that also influences the behavior of one. It involves acting in a way to promote the welfare of someone at any cost possible even when there is risk associated.&nbsp.This is mainly on the basis that people act to cooperate but not to compete.