Advertising Subliminal Messages



This essay "Advertising: Subliminal Messages" outlines how the advertisement using psychology tricks makes us buy some product. A subliminal message is a message which appeals to our sub-conscience. It is a message in which we are not aware that we are receiving. This is extremely relevant to everyone as everyone is a consumer in one way or the other. We are suffering with terrible economies almost globally due to oil issues and multiple wars. Saving money when possible is important to most everyone, with the exception of the wealthy who are profiting off of the global economic drought. Even more relevant is the magnitude of intrusion that comes with placing unknown messages in front of people with intent to deceive them into thinking something because specific and therefore acting a certain way. One is not allowed to give another individual drugs without that person knowing it. Suggestive subliminal messages should be viewed the same way. The correlation between the two is that both are going to cause someone to act in a way that they might not normally act. Therefore, the advertising and entertainment industry should bare the burden of forthrightness in all types of media. In other words, if one is trying to sell a type of sunglasses, it is unfair to subliminally indicate to the consumers a message of sexual content or another type of message which subconsciously induces the consumer to act on making a purchase of the product due to the hidden message that says -with this product comes sex and happiness!