Ahow Does Acid Rain Affect The Environment?Discuss How Pollution Violates The Justice Or



  1. How does acid rain affect the environment?
  2. Discuss how pollution violates the justice or

fairness that characterizes a competitive free market.

  • Discuss the utilitarian argument for conserving and preserving natural resources for future generations.
  • B

    1. Discuss the idea of limiting the government’s interference in safety of consumer products.
    2. Discuss the relationship between the principle of non-harm and the due-care view of moral responsibility.
    3. Discuss the three elements of advertising’s deceptive effects on consumer beliefs.


    1. Discuss the four forms of discrimination that might be present in an organization.
    2. Based on information in the text, what reasonable conclusion can be drawn about employment discrimination?
    3. Discuss the three conditions that would constitute sexual harassment in the workplace.