An Ideal Classroom in an Ideal School

The paper will then discuss Stewart’s ideas about the purpose of effective systems of schools with regards to bringing about high quality education to all children, relating this to what obtains in Nigeria and considering how the existing system compares to the designed ideal classroom in an ideal school.&nbsp.Tthe paper presents ethics and ideologies around the designed effective systems in an ideal school and classroom, in addition to its underlying principles, highlighting the key features and values that underpin the belief in effective systems in schools. The will also consider innovations to be considered by educators, governments in order to improve their systems. Finally there will be a presentation of succinct statements with a summary of the proposal.&nbsp.
This discussion highlights that&nbsp.the justification of what forms part of the curriculum has its connectivity to the school system that is purposeful, practical and handy, designed to positively impact the existence of an all-inclusive learner. Stewart believes in visiting schools because they act as microcosms of the nearby society. He also held the conviction that one can understand the past struggles, current tensions besides glimpsing an immense hope of what is in store for them. This paper agrees that it is this strong assertion that provides a driving force and desire of parents from both economic spheres as well as the government for children to get a good school. What comes to mind is what constitutes a good school.&nbsp.