Aspirin Is Hydrolysed To Salicylic Acid And This Is Excreted In Urine After Injecting An Aspirin Tablet An


Aspirin is hydrolysed to salicylic acid and this is excreted in urine. After injecting an aspirin tablet an

individual’s blood plasma concentration of salicylate increases. Ingesting more aspirin than the recommended dose can cause impaired hearing, vomiting and rapid breathing. The therapeutic blood plasma levels are below 300 mg L -1 , above this level an individual can have symptoms of overdose.

Question 1: How come salicylic acid soluble in water? I mean, shouldn’t it be converted into glucuronide, and then dissove in water, then excreted in urine?

Question 2: Aspirin, salicylate, salicylic acid. What are the relationships between these three chemicals? How do they chemically convert to each other? Can you give me some chemical formula? Thank you.