Authoritarian Approach to Management



The researcher states that the authoritarian approach to management builds high walls between management and employees which impedes development for the department. The old adage "two heads are better than one" certainly applies to such a management problem. It is necessary that management realizes the contributions of employees to the success of operations and their ideas or thoughts or opinions must not go unheard because suggestions coming from the men themselves doing the job are the most realistic ideas to be considered. Apart from the fact that an authoritarian management approach problematically impedes development, such a problem also raise the issue of growth on the part of the employees. Employment should contribute to the growth and maturity of an individual. However, when a problematic authoritarian management approach is used, employee development is difficult to achieve. When employee development is not promoted in a particular working environment, therefore there is no room for competitiveness. Such is an injustice towards employees and affects the total impression about the country’s workers. When companies and/or government agencies/departments refuse to foster competitiveness towards its employees, the country will face problems in the fast pace of globalization. The alternative that exists to resolve the problem is to provide management training for directors and management teams to provide a wider perspective on management. Training for high ranking officials are quite unpopular however, it must be realized that management people are in most need for training to acknowledge a viewpoint outside of their own, to introduce a new practice to create a better environment, adopt an approach shared by other management trainees which have been a proven successful approach. All these and more are learned in training. Thus, with an authoritarian approach, training as an alternative to resolve the problem may open opportunities for change. Change that, will empower employees to open doors to success and develop competitiveness amongst employees. The likely consequence of the alternative which had been identified (training for high ranked officials/management) is adopting change as the training open doors of opportunities for fresh ideas, and leadership education. Chances for authoritarian management will open to change and accept suggestions, the language of "we" instead of "I". Training makes a difference to create a better and more accommodating environment due to the realization made by the officials and managers during the process of the training. The consequence to develop competitive employees, contributing to the growth and development of the department where they are assigned.