Below Is My Essay Question For Georgia Tech Can You Please Review It And Let Me Know If It Answers The Question


below is my essay question for Georgia Tech. can you please review it and let me know if it answers the question

how can i improve if there is anything to improve.

Why do you want to study your chosen major at Georgia Tech, and what opportunities at Georgia Tech will prepare you in that field after graduation?

When I first moved to the states in 2012 I didn’t even know how to operate a simple windows computer. When we moved my whole family was residing at my uncle’s house. This is where computers became a part of me. My uncle has a bachelor’s in computer science so I would see him programming and I would ask him to questions about it. He taught me how to operate a computer and he was the one who introduced me to programming. After learning all the basics and practicing what I learned from my uncle, I started leaning different programming languages by myself. While I was learning different languages, I got more interested in computer science but specifically in Artificial Intelligence and Game Development. When I was in my sophomore of high school I found by first company which would be focusing on Game Development. Computer Science has taught me many things, for example, problem solving, leadership, communication skills.