Current Trends in Human Resources



The senior teachers of the school are expected to proactively scan the environment and provide leadership for planning and managing organizational growth. At the same time, Human resource systems and processes are expected to enhance the effectiveness of learning process and develop leadership pipeline in the daily activities of school. Recruitment/selection, training/development, compensation, employee performance evaluation, reward systems and industrial relations are regarded as generic features of effective Human resource Management. With the increase of global job mobility, recruiting competent teacher is increasingly becoming difficult in the sector of education. Education Institute have a clear employment policy that emphasizes recruiting quality teachers in which case due importance is given to selection, but at the same time they also emphasize on providing training to upgrade the knowledge and skill of existing teachers in order to posses and retain their quality. Therefore by creating an enabling culture, schools are also required to work out a retention strategy for the existing skilled manpower. All of the schools had high expectations of the 45+ age group. In a number of cases this was simply a reflection of a very strong organizational culture which placed high expectations on everyone. In the cases where that was not so evident, the distinctive feature in common is that the schools have very positive attitudes to older teachers. Role of HR Managers is to implement the policies strategically to use the workforce skill sets and capabilities in order to exploit environmental opportunities and neutralize threats. This also includes the planning of innovation reward policy that recognizes contributions of older experienced teachers and their grant enhancements. At the same time, older teachers give training, develops the counseling programs to motivate the young teachers to improve their quality so as they remain in the field of teaching. The educational system should provide education that aims to benefit all those participating in it as well as society as a whole. The collective effort of senior teachers should increase the quality of education that will cater to the needs of local culture, the economy and a society based on knowledge and democratic principles, and ensures the right to education for all. The starting point for senior teachers is to define the content and activities which would contribute to the development of a better quality, more accessible, more flexible and effective system that would create intellectual and working human capital of junior teachers as the key asset. Recruitment and selection process should use the innovative techniques that include newspapers and internet so as to identify applicants with the necessary knowledge, skills and abilities and due importance is given to educational qualification and work experience. Various selection tools are used to assist in determining a person’s personality, attitude and character in relation to the specifications that a position may require. The absolute necessity for the