Dangerous Minds by Louanne Johnson



Dangerous Minds by Louanne Johnson is a real-life story about a woman and her experiences teaching in an inner-city program for unfortunate kids. She was an ex-marine and now teaching at a local high school. These high school students live in a bad neighbourhood. They struggled with family problems, gangs, drugs, violence, and even with their education. The students are troubled and don’t want to learn. Ms Johnson was a new teacher who came to their classroom without knowing the fact that these kids were in special courses and no one would dare to teach them. Ms Johnson tries so many things to get their attention. She teaches them things that they never knew before. She even helps them with their family problems. Ms Johnson helps them with their lives and gives them the strength to brighten their future. She never gives up on her kids. She teaches her kids to be respectful of themselves. She tries different techniques to communicate with her students. And this is how she understands kids and tries to solve their problems.