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More recently during 1970’s and 1980’s the most significant trends included increasing global competition greater demand for quality and process improvement, shorter product life cycles and the need for a more flexible work force. In 1990’s the most impact trend was the rapid emergence of the Internet. With 50 million people connected in only 5 years, the Internet has become the most rapidly accepted communications medium ever. Initially, the Internet’s potential seemed limited to its function as a dating network but that is no longer the case. The Internet is a sales and distribution channel and is facilitating e- commerce, the ability to do business over the web. It is further enabling the integration of previously isolated information and music industry components. This integration of data, content, storage, networks, business applications and consumer devices is facilitating the convergence of consumer electronics, television, publishing, telecommunications and computer business sectors. Technology is shifting power to buyers e-commerce is changing the channels through which consumers and business have traditionally bought and sold goods and services. It provides sellers with access to a global audience, the ability to operate with minimal infrastructure, reduced overhead and greater economies of scale. consumers with a broad selection, convenience, and competitive pricing. Consequently, a growing number of consumers are embracing the web, buying products and services etc.