Electronic Commerce Cis 3318 Week 3 Required Discussionso You Are At A


Electronic Commerce CIS 3318

Week 3 Required Discussion

So you are at a

luncheon for enhancing literacy in your local community. It is one of your passions. You are seated next a person that runs a well established chain of local BBQ restaurants. They begin chatting with you and here are the questions you are asked:

1. What common consumer characteristics can be influenced by marketing strategies and online advertisements? I want to increase my popularity! What is the evidence to demonstrate they work?

2. Do users read and click on online ads? What is the evidence to demonstrate they work?

I do not want to just throw my money at an unsupported solution just because some tech person says it works.

Support your post with sources, proof and polish, and then submit.

This is the same quality you would produce in the workplace to get your ideas accepted. This person may be convinced enough to hire you on the spot. You never know!