Energy Independence Psychology

Energy Independence Psychology &nbsp. President Obama’s rhetoric about the green economy and independence from foreign energy producers is just that—rhetoric. Sadly, the President has played politics with this issue, refusing to pursue energy programs at home that would open up domestic sources of oil and gas. This is unfortunate especially because it means America is investing in a phantom “green” sector of the economy that is nowhere near to be being ready to take on the major demands of those who require energy
The truth is that America has more than enough natural gas and oil within its own domestic territory to fuel this country for a long time to come. Those who refuse to recognize this are living with their heads in the sand. They need to wake up and begin to see that we have everything we need within our own country. I for one would like to see more drilling done in Alaska and in the Gulf of Mexico. America must start providing its own energy rather than relying on Arab dictators. Green energy projects across the U.S. are going bust (Paugh).
There are a number of psychological reasons why people might endorse Obama’s green economy ideas. There is sometimes an information bias when it comes to politics. People often get caught up in their own world. They only read newspapers which they agree with and will only watch TV shows where the speakers tell them what they want to hear. This becomes a kind of echo chamber which simply confirms to people what they already know and believe. In a way this is unfortunate because what we need to move this country forward is more dialogue. We need people to talk about the ideas that they have and get them to think about their differences. If everyone is living in their own bubble, this becomes increasingly hard to do.
This is not to say that people with an opposing view on the issue of the green economy and energy independence are in any way correct about it. They are not. They tend to be very naïve people who think the world is a perfectible place. They see people as being closer to gods than to animals. This is an unfortunate perspective and not one bourne out by even the most cursory study of history.
Another reason why people support the green economy concept is because of an unhealthy attitude towards authority. They might not want to think for themselves, instead believing everything that the President says. Because he is the leader of the United States, Barack Obama gets a lot of media attention. This attention allows him to dictate the agenda and push his ideas. He is a charismatic individual and as such is able to muster a lot of rhetoric to convince people that he is right and his policies are sound—even when they are not. People need to trust their gut instincts and understand that even though the President says it, that doesn’t mean it is necessarily true (Lomburg).
Energy independence is a very important issue. Unfortunately, we aren’t going to get there by cutting off our oil supply. We need to find new domestic sources that will help us get where we need to be. There are a number of psychological blockages which people suffer from and which refuse to allow them to understand what we need to do.
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