Extra credit

Happiness al Affiliation: “Happiness, for short, may be defined as peace of mind.&nbsp. A set of conditions needed for peace ofmind is different with each person. It depends, first and foremost, on mentality which, in turn, is determined by genes, education, upbringing, environment, as well as various other factors affecting the psyche. Also important is the comparison of ones own status with that of others” (Abramyan, 2013)
In life, many people desire to be worry-free in regards to money or education, and to work instead toward a long vacation in a deserted paradise. They will define those relaxing moments as happiness since they are away in a peaceful place rather than staying in a hectic environment, where worries are involved.
Happiness can be achieved from someone else’s happiness, especially loved ones. For example, our parents sacrifice so much to attain better educations, shelter, luxuries, and time in order for their children just to grow up happily. In most parents’ definition of happiness, they wish for their children to smile externally and internally, knowing that it brings a peace of mind to them:
“The case with those in love is more complicated, because love is often selfish, although at times you are ready to sacrifice for the sake of happiness of your loved one. Obviously, it is especially difficult to have peace of mind and be happy for a sensitive person who takes close to his or her heart problems of others” (Abramyan, 2013).
Abramyan. (2013, August 23). Осень как проверка на прочность! Retrieved from Abramyan: http://www.abramyan.ru/clauses/house/osen-pshycology/