Hello I’D Be Grateful If Someone Can Look Over My Paper For Grammar Sentence Structure Punctuation And


Hello I’d be grateful if someone can look over my paper for grammar, sentence structure, punctuation and

rewording if necessary. Thank you!


When first stepping into a church it can be hard. People will be in a new life and be reborn into the kingdom of God. The church and the people around you will build you up and be with you every step of the way. Becoming a disciple is not a easy task. It takes work and faith. However, with the help of the church and others you can become a strong disciple. A disciple will become a strong leader and that leader will become a disciple-making leader. Throughout this paper there will be discussion of four different topics. These topics are: The similarities between developing disciples and developing leaders, Compare and contrast the leadership chapters in Early/Dempsey with Putman, How and Why a Healthy Church is the Ultimate Goal for Discipleship and10 Kingdom Leadership. These will allow the reader to get a better understanding of what a disciple is and what a leader is. These topics are important for a church and the people in the church, so that they can become strong faithful people in the world. Allow us to see the meaning and power behind being a faithful disciple and leader in Gods kingdom.

The similarities between developing disciples and developing leaders,

One similarly is that they are all faithful followers of God. In Acts 1:8 the passage says, But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you; and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth. When we become followers of God we become baptized and become witnesses to Gods amazing work. We all grow and with God. In Ephesians 4:16 the passage says, From him the whole body, joined and held together by every supporting ligament, grows and builds itself up in love, as each part does its work. When we become followers are whole body is embraced by the Holy Spirit.

Disciples and leaders do the work of the Lord. No matter how big or small they do the work of the Lord. Rev. Andrew Murray says, God calls both disciple and leader to go work. God has given the command and the power to every child of His to work in His vineyard, with the world as the field. The majority of God’s children are not working for Him and the world is perishing. We all have been called t to do work and to be the best that we can be. Disciples and leaders have taken Gods commandments and have gone out and done the work of the Lord. When we go to Jesus we go for salvation, love and beyond. He could change their lives from sin and wretchedness to holy obedience and heavenly joy. Disciples and leaders all gave their life to God and have been washed clean. All our obedient To the word of God.

Everyone starts their journey the same. No matter who you are. We are born into the world and with the support around us we will begin to crawl, walk and then run. Disciples and leaders began at the same point. They began to crawl. Wondering who God is and asking questions. Crawling is a major step in a persons spiritually life. Then people begin to walk. They may understand who God is and is ready to take the next step. This step could be accepting God into their life and being baptized. Baptism is an act in which a Christian is immersed in water to symbolize the end of an old way of living, and a new start. When you get baptized it is a testimony to God and people that you, by faith, will live a new life as an overcomer. Once they do the act of baptism they are filled with the Holy Spirit and are ready to run. Run and become disciples and leaders and share the word of the Lord with everyone. It does not matter who you are or where you came from. In Gods eyes we are all equal and all can be disciples and leaders. We just need to take the steps to get there.

Disciples and leaders all love God and want to do the work of God. We all need to remember that we are only human. Disciples and leaders are only human. They make mistakes and they do not know everything. However, they both chose to be obedient to God. They both chose to be baptized and to share the message with the world. Disciples and leaders go down different pathways depending on what they are called to do, but they do the work of the Lord.they are all just faithful followers helping the kingdom of God grow one step at a time.

Compare and contrast the leadership chapters in Early/Dempsey with Putman

Leadership can be very different depending on the person. Peopke may experience things in a different way and may think of leadership in serval different ways. This is because people come from all walks of live and may have different be-live systems. Earley and Dempsey have a different view of leadership then Putman. This section will briefly describe the similarities and differences of leadership between these authors.

The area that Earley and Dempsey agreed with Putman the most was that good leadership allows and helps people grow. This is the same as the way that good leadership helps people grow in a spirtual way. Putman says, The solution involves a fundamental shift in our thinking from informing people to equipping them.. Putman is saying that the leader is not a ruler or better then the others. A leader is a teacher to allow people to grow into a leadership rule themselves. This echos what Earley and Dempsey say, our job as Christians-leaders is to help individuals grow, develop, and serve the King-and His kingdom. A leader is not a king, but is with the people to help them reach their full potential

Why there are similarities there are differences as well. Putman agrees on the side that a leader helps to equip people with the future of leadership. Earley and Dempsey take a different direction when discussing this topic. They say that ‘a leader influences others to follow God’s plan for their lives. They say that not everyone is suppose to be a leader. We are all called down different pathways and some people are called to be a leader.

and Why a Healthy Church is the Ultimate Goal for Discipleship

A healthy church is key to a followers growth. The word church comes from a Greek word that means an assembly of called-out ones. It denotes that before a church can ever actually gather, the people must first hear the call to do so. Paul questions this in Romans 10:14-15 the passage says, How, then, can they call on the one they have not believed in? And how can they believe in the one of whom they have not heard? And how can they hear without someone preaching to them? 15 And how can anyone preach unless they are sent? As it is written: How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news! The church is the provider for the people. They provide faith and fortress. Therefore it’s the responsibility of the local church to be a mouthpiece of Christ, calling all who would come to repentance and new life. But the new believer’s walk doesn’t end when they answer the call. Indeed, it has only just begun. The church is important to be there with the people and gather together to build the people into strong disciples and leaders of God.

Leadership is a larger part of haven’t a healthy church. No church can experience health without the leadership of the pastors that Paul described in passages. One passage that stands out is Ephesians 4:12 the passage says, to equip his people for works of service, so that the body of Christ may be built up. The church builds leaders. If the church is a healthy church then there will be leaders coming out and serving the world. The church is strong and God wants the church to have a strong foundation, so that God and his people can work and expand and help the world.

10 Kingdom Leadership Principles Applied

I love the church that I go to. Every week it is so enlighten and I love the worship and message that I receive every Sunday. When looking at any church you can often time see faults with them and see places where things can be strengthened.one leadership aspect that can be strengthened from my church is the small groups. They have them throughout the week. The one thing I like about the same groups is they have all different kinds. Some by age, one for single parents and some for centerline topics. Anyone can join a small group. One thing that I find that needs strengthened is the leaders in the small group. I have gone to two different small groups and I saw the same thing in both. The leaders where not really leading. They where always all over the place and I always felt like I could of learned more.

Warm building a small group the church needs to find strong leaders who know what they are doing and are ready to lead and answer the tough questions. The church should not stick someone who does not know much in to a position of being a small group leader. Before people enter into that role the church should have training sessions. Teach the leaders about small groups and make sure that they are capable of being in charge of a small group. Small groups are for all to learn more about Jesus Christ and to better understand the message and build relationships. We need strong leaders to guide us into become strong and faithful followers. We need a leader who can talk and ease outr thoughts and be there for us every step of the way.