Hello I Performed A Lab Experiment Using Recrystallization There Were Four Different Methods



I performed a lab experiment using recrystallization. There were four different methods

of doing this procedure:

Method 1: follow the procedure adding the minimum number of solvent and heating the solution slowly until everything is dissolved.

Method 2: Dissolve the compound in 100 mL of water when performing recrystallization

Method 3: Dissolve the compound in a minimum of boiling water and then boil the solution long enough to reduce its original volume to half

Method 4: Allow the solution to cool to room temperature for only one minute and then to cool in ice for 20 minutes

1)Which method produces the highest quantity of crystals?

2)Which method produces the highest quality (taking into account melting point range, appearance, color, etc.) of crystals?

3)Which method produces the most pure product (as measured by melting point range)?

I understand that method 4 would yield the least pure product because the solution will cool rapidly and the compounds will be not be able to crystallize selectively.

However, I am not sure whether method 2 will have high or low yield and pure or impure product.

I think Method 3 will yield the purest product but I am not sure.

Thank you.