Hi My Name Jenny My Questions Are Is Market Segmentation And Market Positioning Different? If Yes What


Hi my name Jenny. My questions are:

Is market segmentation and market positioning different? If yes, what

are the differences between them?

As the paragraph below about Cotton: On’s Strategy, where should I put this paragraph in market segmentation or market positioning?

STP Approach

STP approach is used to ensure that a product’s role is inside the right manner in the relation to marketplace section. Cotton:On designed a approach that sought to persuade consumers to buy Cowgirls and cowboys as one way to draw a particular market segments. From Cotton:On’s marketplace segments, is clear that positioning of the statement is significantly supported by elements of products blend in addition to the efforts made by using software builders. Notably, the most suitable market segments identification approach for computer games is the age standards. Similarly, adoption basis concerning segmentation is also a criterion for determining marketplace segmentation.Marketing