Hi This Question Wasnt On The Answer Key And I Submitted It 90 Min Ago But Haven’T Gotten A Response So I


Hi This question wasnt on the answer key and I submitted it 90 min ago, but haven’t gotten a response, so I

thought I would try this link. THANKS for your help!

. A team of students wants to study the effect of temperature on bacte­rial growth. They put the dishes in different places: an incubator (37°C), a lab room (21°C), a refrigerator (10°C) and a freezer (0°C). Bacterial growth is measured by estimating the percentage of each dish that is covered by bacteria at the end of a 3-day growth period.

What type of graph would be used to present these data? Explain why

Sketch the axes below. Mark the intervals on the x-axis, and label both axes completely. Write a title for the graph.