How Are You a Change Maker

You speak excellent English. What is the secret behind this expertise? Which grammar book shall I begin with for getting command over the language?”
“Grammar books? I haven’t looked into one so far. To begin the study of the English language or any language for that matter, to attempt to learn grammar first is a faulty procedure. Grammar rules and mastery on language are poles apart. Most of the children are perfect in the pronunciation in their mother tongue by the age of 3—4. Does anyone teach them grammar? What is the conclusion derived? To get expertise in communications skills, one need not know grammar! I do not know even the elementary rules of grammar, forget expertise. Ask me what the difference is as for ‘past participle and future perfect tense,’ I do not know.
That is the day of my enlightenment, and my efforts to master communication skills in the English language attain new dimensions. Now I have realized that the goal of my education, learning English language included, is part of the process of man making process. In this the broad goal in which all other subsidiary goals are integrated. The high percentage of marks alone will not mold an individual into a responsible citizen and generate abilities in the area of work ethic, physical and mental health, social skills and appreciation of the arts and literature. Academic success is not the index of success in life. For me, education is an instrument of social change and after completing my Masters in Humanities, I wish to do something tangible for the welfare of the society. The materialistic civilization and technological innovations have drastically altered the lifestyles of people in social, economic and cultural aspects.