I Am Working On A Case Study Analysis About Bayside Call Centre And I Am In The Role Of Ceoi Need Some Few


I am working on a case study analysis about Bayside call centre and i am in the role of CEO

I need some few

answers from few questions

Case Study (Assessment Task 2, Part A)

Case Study:

As part of this assessment you are required to access the simulated business of Bayside Call Centre and your role will be that of the CEO.

For the purpose of this Case Study your Trainer will act as a member of the Board of Directors of Bayside Call Centre. You can access this member to clarify any of the tasks or information provided to complete the Case Study.

As the CEO of Bayside Call Centre you are required to prepare the Strategic Plan for the next three-year period.

Student is required to develop a strategic plan for Bayside call center with respect to the following points. The plan must address the below points: