I’D Like Help With This I Need To Use Panda Numpy And Matplotlib In Python The Type Of Program I’M Writing Is


I’d like help with this. I need to use Panda, Numpy, and matplotLib in Python. The type of program I’m writing is

described below. The two csv are Housing.csv and P

I need to load one of two CSV files and then perform histogram analysis and plots for select variables on the datasets. The first dataset represents the population change for specific dates for U.S. regions. The second dataset represents Housing data over an extended period of time describing home age, number of bedrooms and other variables. The first row provides a column name for each dataset. The following columns should be used to perform analysis:


 Pop Apr 1

 Pop Jul 1

Change Pop







Notice for the Housing CSV file, there are more columns in the file than are required to be analyzed. You can and should still load each column.

Specific statistics options should include:

 Count

 Mean

 Standard Deviation

 Min

 Max

 Histogram

2 csv_hist.py – C:/Users/Mehta/Documents/CLUSTER/csv_hist.py (3.7.3)
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