I Have Been Working At This Store Since High School And I’Ll Finishmy College Business Diploma Next Year All


I have been working at this store since high school and I’ll finishmy college business diploma next year. All

this time I have been working at the cash desk – and I’m really good at it. The store manager hinted that there might be a place on the management team for me if I was willing to learn. When I expressed interest she said she would see what she could do. I’m still waiting to find out what I have to learn and in the meantime she just hired a new assistant manager. I guess it is really true – there is no such thing as employer loyalty and being a loyal employee doesn’t pay either.

why is the millennial worker turned off.

Based on your answer to the above question, think about the best was to motivate the young worker – what new behaviors or actions on the part of the supervisor would you recommend and what kind of change in the usual work should be done?