I Just Want A Grammar And Sentence Structure Is Correction



I just want a grammar and sentence structure is correction.


Article talks about the Social fighters who have fought for social changes that shaped the profession of social work that we see today. The fact that voices had been realized to be powerful have made profound impacted history; because people realized that to make a change information is key. Social workers, Pioneers and mutual aide has been an importance in the black race’s survival.

Black Social workers have shared the same societal issues of concerns as the community they serve, so they are aware of the struggles the people face (Carlton-LaNey pg311). I agree this was helpful because there was stronger support and passion to help someone who’s suffering in the communities the social worker(s) was placed. The word Community is huge concept in the profession because it signifies networking and unity to alleviate a social crisis.

Public awareness has always been given a big advantage to different issue. The Women’s Era and the Messenger were both critical to the work of national organizations (Carlton-LaNey pg312), these newspapers gave information to a public that needed to be empowered. It has always been said that information is power and the people who started these publications knew that it would help a lot of people regardless of the chances they would have to take.

Mutual aide is a key concept in the African American culture because they was alienated from the US social system (Carlton-LaNey 312). According to the article African Americans helping each other was the most effective method of ameliorating desperate social conditions in a racially segregated country (Carlton-LaNey pg312). Without the unified help of the race there would be no African Americans, or the preservation the culture.