I Would Like To Know How To Find The Chemical Formula For Cu X Cl Y Zh2o Attached Is A Picture Of My Data Table


I would like to know how to find the chemical formula for Cu x Cl y zH2O. Attached is a picture of my data table.

Question 1 how many moles of water were in your sample of copper chloride hydrate? Question 2 how many moles of copper were in your sample of copper chloride? Question 3 how many moles of chlorine were in your sample of copper chloride? Question 4 write the chemical formula for the compound that you tested. This is due tomorrow at 8 am PLEASE HELP. I HAVE NEVER DONE CHEMISTRY AND THE COURSE I AM DOING REQUIRES ME TO DO FUNDAMENTALS OF CHEMISTRY AND GENERAL CHEMISTRY. SO I HAVE NOT YET RECEIVED THE FOUNDATION AND I AM CONFUSED WITH THE BACK AND FORTH FROM THE TWO DIFFERENT UNITS. I CANNOT DROP GENERAL CHEMISTRY SINCE I PAID FOR IT ALREADY AND I WOULD LIKE TO TRY AND SEE IF I UNDERSTAND AND PASS BECAUSE IN YEAR 2 I HAVE TO DO GENERAL CHEMISTRY 2. PLEASE PLEASE HELP.ME IN ANY SHAPE OR FORM I NEED TO GET THIS SO THAT I CAN PASS MY SEMESTER. THANKYOU IN ADVANCE.