Improving Performance College Transfer

Improving Performance: College Transfer
My current school has so far provided the education needs and skills that have enabled my education life take a good course, however, due to personal circumstances the resources in the new school will be appropriate for enhancing my studies and improving my grades. Coping with other students in the new college will not be difficult since I am conversant with the American culture, and cultural diversity will enhance my corporation with other students who do not bear Taiwan descent. My academic performance is not up to standard. however, I have a strong understanding and analyzing capability and my strong determination to succeed will enhance my studies in the new school (Wise and Hauser 130). I also have great awareness of the world movement, which despite my weak performances builds on my creativity.
I am socially flexible, which is key to my adaptation to the new environment. I immediately adapted to the society on my first visit to Portland. As such, I believe that I will easily fit in the American society within a short period of time. I lived in dorms for three years, which enhanced my skills in working independently. I am confident that I can manage my responsibilities at the new school with minimal or without any supervision. My social skills are an added advantage (Wise and Hauser 130). This is because I will be able to adequately interact with people of diverse cultures and ideologies without uncalled for collision on the ground of different cultural backgrounds and perceptions about various issues. Being culturally diverse enables me to respect the identities of other people. As such, interaction and corporation with tutors and students in the new school will run smoothly.
Another of my great strengths is my knowledge of the goals I want to achieve and what is expected of me as a student (Wise and Hauser 130). Driven by determination, I work tirelessly to achieve the set goals. Motivation from tutors, parents, friends among other parties helps me to stay focused towards achieving my objectives. I am generous to friends. This means that I am willing to share my ideas with others academically or others to help better my relationship with others. In addition, through sharing I am bound to learn more from others. Orderliness is my driving force. I always make sure that I am ready at all times to learn, interact and work. I organize everything that is in my area of operation even if it does not belong to me. Organization aids in making assessment of my achievement and improve on areas that are weakly.
I look forward to improving my performance academically (Wise and Hauser 130). Learning in the midst of diverse cultures will equip me with wider scope of ideas that are essential for my studies. I am also interested in learning more about the American culture, as well as other cultures I will come across in the new school (Wise and Hauser 130). Increased knowledge of the diverse cultures will enhance my regards about other people of different identity from mine. In addition, it will increase my ability to work in different places and with different people on completion of my college studies.
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