Individual Identity as Social Science and Psychology

Whereas, psychology, on the contrary, explains identity on a more personal measure describing identity as ‘personal identity’ and the personal traits that make a person unique if it’s by a single one of those traits but sets him/her apart from the person standing next to them.
An individual’s personal identity is perhaps an image of who he/she really is with all the personal attributes that one possesses to personal preferences which eventually shapes our professional behavior as we step into our professional lives. The beginning to assess how our own identities affect our professional behavior can be done by career assessment which unveils our career preferences and needs with regards to who we are and what we’re good at. Our identity provides us with the kind of people we would like to be in the upcoming future which leads us to a self-quest and to analyze what is it that could satisfy us our entire lives professionally. Our personal behavior represents a lot which also includes our personal preferences which make it a lot easier for us to discover what to take up as our professions.
To survive in times like today it is necessary for us to stabilize our personal and business identity which is understandable after learning the deep relationship between our personal identities and professional behavior. For us to strengthen our personal and business identities we need to make sure that we identify ourselves what our needs are and how can they be fulfilled and when they do get fulfilled is the feeling worth all the hard work. It is very important for an individual to know, express, develop and integrate personal and professional lives. Our needs need to be fulfilled because whether we realize it or not they are the driving force behind the entire decision-making process and a source of motivation to prosper in the times to come.