Kay Was Excited She Had Just Returned From A Manger’S Retreat Where Mbo Had Been Discussed

This had never been


Kay was excited. She had just returned from a manger’s retreat where MBO had been discussed. This had never been

used in her organization, and she was enthusiastic about implementing the program in her department. She received the OK from her manager, the division head, who remembered studying MBO programs in a workshop. Kay reviewed the handout she had received at the retreat. She was still a little fuzzy on who was to choose the goals for the employees. However, she knew that the once the goals were chosen they needed to be specific and have explicit time periods attached to them. Even though there was a lot of work to do in order to implement the program, Kay thought the MBO program could motivate her employees to work at a more efficient pace.

1. Who should develop the employee goals for the MBO program?Management