Levitt Concluded That Companies With Good Management As They Became Global Had Moved To Offer Products That


Levitt concluded that companies with good management, as they became global, had moved to offer products that

were standardized instead of putting the emphasis on the product or service customization. As a consequence the products could become more functional, they were more reliable, also more advanced and finally with lower prices. Levitt sparked a lot of debate at the time and still resonates today. Levitt warned of a movement toward cultural homogeneity; that companies would offer the same products to everyone everywhere in the same way (Levitt 1983).

What do you think of Levitt’s thesis regarding globalization? What are some tangible examples regarding international marketing that either support or refute Levitt’s thesis? (I.e. Coca Cola’s approach to international marketing)

Also, Why do you think companies move overseas? What are some non US Companies that have done this?