Marketing Tactics That the Owner Symington Utilises for Its Product The Nation’s Normous Noodle

In 2009, Symington has launched a new product – “The Nation’s Noodle”, an instant flavoured hot noodle snack, which at first place was available only in four tastes: Chicken and Mushroom, Beef and tomato, Chip Chop Curry and Sweet and Sour.

Later on, the company decided to extend its core brand and in August 2010 launched “The Nation’s Normous Noodle”, which is 25% larger than the standard size. They also presented a new flavour – Inferno Chilli. (, 2010)

For the reason that “The Nation’s Normous Noodle” was launched recently and differed from the original product only by the size, the analysis would be taken for “The Nation’s Noodle”, as a former product.

Communications involve the active contribution from both sender and receiver, thus, in order to be effective, communications not only have to include the information which organisation aims to share, but also have to be interesting to the target audience to consider it. If the information is delivered properly, this should lead to the desire on the part of the consumer, who consequently will take action. The above process is known as AIDA approach. (Blythe 2005)

Marketing communications have a mix, which is also called “promotion mix”, which consists of several elements such as advertising, sales promotion, personal selling, public relations (PR), direct marketing. The purpose of all these components is to deliver a single message about the product to the target audience, as different information confuses the customers and ruins the reputation of the brand. Though the message from the organisation about itself or its products or brands is sent by different elements of the promotional mix to the consumers, stakeholders, employees and other audience, all these five elements lead into each other, thus deliver the single message.