Mec 310 _ Homework 4 3 For The Offset Crankslider Linkage In The Following Figure (A) Derive The

3. For the offset crank-slider linkage in the following figure [a] derive the expression for the
angular velocity of link 3 and linear velocity of [in]: 4 using analytic VECtDr-hfififld methods {not
complex number representation of vectors]. [IS points] [b] derive the expression for the angular
accelemtion of hnk 3 and linear acceleration of hnlt 4 using analytic vector-based methods. |9
points] {c} Assuming that the link 2 at 45degrms in the global KY coordinate system, find the
accelemtion of point A and B in the global coordinate system for the position Shown if {as = 21}
radfs clockwise. oonstant. [5 points] W (Eat-1 is 02 Mechanical Engineering