Need Help Finding A Topic For This Essayhere Is The Prompt This Assignment Asks Students To


Need Help Finding a topic for this essay

Here is the prompt: This assignment asks students to

compose an analytical argument based on the argument found in a

written text. Students should closely examine the author’s purpose(s) within a source text and decide

how specific rhetorical strategies and methods used were effective. When preparing to compose an

argument analysis, students should understand and practice the difference between writing a


(succinctly telling the whole) and an


(explaining the effectiveness and purpose of the parts).

Because analysis requires a focus on the parts, students should integrate quotations and paraphrasing

into their writing in order to effectively examine the argument. For this assignment students will identify

how the author uses rhetoric and semiotics in order to figure out what the author is arguing as well as

explaining how he argues it

THe book is Trinity: a graphic history of the atomic bomb by fetter vorm