Organizational Communication Unit 4

Perhaps the most fundamental of these is organizational culture” (National Defence University) Organizational communication and culture has definite relationships. It is easy to understand the communication processes in an organization if the organizational culture analyzed properly. Organizational communication is meant for the improvement of organizational life and its output. “Research in social psychology has demonstrated that people often act out the roles in which they are placed. Various types of symbols elicit this behaviour. Many difficult and abstract issues in organizations are shrouded in discussions of dress codes, employment and product advertising, annual reports, logos, titles, or other organizational symbols” (Rafaeli &amp. Worline) All the above organizational symbols are directly or indirectly revealing the organizational culture. Apart from the parameters mentioned above, location of various offices of different authority levels, display items both in and outside the organizations, space allocations for different entities of organization, different methods employed for communication, the tone of the languages used in employee communications – all have definite relationships with the organizational culture.
Space management or space allocation is important for an organization since effective management of the organizational activities can be accomplished through the judicious utilization of space. I have worked in a tire manufacturing unit for about 5 years and have a better idea about the functioning of this organization with respect to organizational culture and communication. This organization has three separate divisions for the tire manufacturing plant. Division A was meant for the mixing purpose, Division B for the green tire building and Division C for curing process. Each division has lot of machineries and