Organizational Psychologywhich Of The Following Separates Formal And Informal


Organizational Psychology

Which of the following separates formal and informal


the recruitment process

the size

the continuity of members

an executive board

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Question 2

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Scientific management (also known as Taylorism) had the following three conditions, EXCEPT

those who perform the work should be separate from those who design the work

people will work harder for favorable compensation (more money)

workplace issues should be studied empirically

concern for the mental and physical health problems of workers

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Question 3

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Industrial psychology was originally, for the most part, focused on improving _________________.

group performance

worker conditions

production in manufacturing

employee motivation

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Question 4

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Which of the following historical events demonstrated that environmental factors play a role in the workplace and, thus, highlighted the importance of organizational psychology?

World War II

The Vietnam War

Hawthorne studies

World War I

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Question 5

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A researcher is interested in studying how stress coping methods influence job satisfaction. In this study, job satisfaction is the __________________.

independent variable

treatment group

dependent variable

control group

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Question 6

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The scatterplot above would result in a correlation coefficient close to which of the following values?





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Question 7

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In experimental designs, a true experiment must have the following (select all that apply):

Random assignment to experimental treatment conditions

Maximum control by the experimenter

Manipulation of an IV and measurement of a DV

Yield significant findings

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Question 8

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If a researcher were interested in examining the relationship between a predictor and a criterion (outcome), they would most likely use which technique?





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Question 9

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Which of the following distinguishes experimental studies from quasi-experimental studies?


the number of variables

random assignment

ethical standards

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Question 10

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Reliability is the extent to which a variable is being measured without error. To assess this, researchers often rely on an index that estimates reliability, which is known as _______.

Pearson’s correlation coefficient

Chronbach’s alpha

standardized regression coefficients

the r-squared value

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