Outside The Courthouse A Convicted Politician Gives A Short Speech Apologizing For The Trial’S Impact On The


Outside the courthouse, a convicted politician gives a short speech apologizing for the trial’s impact on the

people in his district. His apology is considered a type of _______ speech.

A. dedication

B. goodwill

C. acceptance

D. farewell

A popular columnist is upbeat and enthusiastic, regularly giving reinforcement and approval to other members of the local press club. What group maintenance role is he fulfilling?

A. The follower

B. The elaborator

C. The harmonizer

D. The standard setter

Twelve people have one characteristic in common – they are all gay parents – which allows them to assist each other in coping with specific problems they confront in society. They have organized a/an _______ group.

A. intervention

B. consciousness-raising

C. encounter

D. assertiveness training

When someone gives a persuasive speech hoping to move listeners in one direction but actually shifts listeners in the opposite direction, this is called a

A. negative persuasion

B. positive persuasion

C. selective exposure

D. persuasion continuum

Based on criticism of her last speech, the one thing a student speaker wants to do is to be clear. What’s one of the guidelines for clarity that will help her accomplish this?

A. Avoid abstractions

B. feel free to include slang and street language

C. add extra words for embellishment and emphasis

D. Use specific terms and numbers