Please Check Whether My Interpretation Is Correct Check If Any Change Is Required To Get It


Please check whether my interpretation is correct. Check if any change is required to get it


I am not sure how to find out the r value, decision points and regression equation and slope …. correct my answer from the data. Please get those figure fixed for me! Thank you!

1) Older students spend more time to study. Because older students are more mature and serious about
their studies Interp ret ation Direction: The direction is positive, because number of age and number of hours spent studying can’t be
less than zero. Hence there is a positive relationship between number of age and number of hours spent
studying of a student. Form: It is linear form because the change in age doesn’t cause a constant proportional change in the
number of hours of studying for the students. Strength: Since the variables are linear, therefore we can tell there is a strong relationship between the
points. Outliers: We can observe that there are few students with higher age studying more hours who are outside
the majority of the students, hence there are three outliers. Clusters: There is distinct groups with similar hours of studying who are close to each other. Statistics and Probability