Please Read The Case Study And Answer The Questions Should Alex Accept The


please read the case study and answer the questions:

  1. should Alex accept the

position offered in Singapore and return home ? Justify. ( 5 point)

  • If Alex accepts the position in Singapore, what should his career plan be ? (5 point )
  • Discuss the disadvantage if Alex reject the job and stay in Europe. (5 point )
  • who is to blame for the current situation? (5 point )
  • what can the organization do to avoid the kind of problem illustrated in this case ? (5 point )
  • from the HR perspective, what would be a more systematic approach toward the repatriation of planning an international career development ? (5 point)
  • Case Summary
    Alex’s five-year international assignment in a senior management position at corporate
    headquarters in London is coming to an end. With a generous expatriate compensation and
    benefits packages, a large house with a big garden in the countryside, and two fancy cars,
    Alex and his family are living a life in England that they could only dream of in their home
    country, Singapore. Having performed well in his job at corporate headquarters, Alex is
    offered a promotion opportunity – a very attractive three-year international assignment at his
    company’s subsidiary in the Netherlands. However, for family reasons, his wife Linda feels
    the need to return home in the near future and Alex starts to look for a suitable position back
    in Singapore. When the post of regional general manager for one of the company’s largest
    divisions that Alex is hoping to get is offered to someone else, he has to decide whether to
    contribute pursuing an international career or return home to a position that would essentially
    means a demotion. The case ends with Alex wondering what he should do. Torn between his
    career aspirations and the long-terms of his family, whatever decision he makes, either his
    career or family will suffer.Management