Practicum Action Inquiry

This collaborative research project will be established with ten teachers from 20 schools in the vicinity of the campus. Identification of learning goals, construction of success criteria as well as the provision of descriptive feedbacks are important practices used in classrooms that enhance the achievement of students.
While operating under the assessment of learning theme, teachers will be trained on how to develop learning goals and criteria of success as stipulated in the curriculum. Teachers will also be trained on how to implement positively descriptive feedback. On the other hand, the student will be trained on positive peer and self-assessment.
Descriptive feedback is a major constituent of the growing success initiative. Self, peer, and teacher feedback before and after the assessment is submitted to the main descriptive feedback strategy. These strategies will be introduced by this practicum into classrooms for education department for the growing success initiative. According to Biggley (2012), descriptive feedback strategies have been proved to increase student skill development and achievement effectively long after the learner finishes the course. The approach to future assessment techniques for teachers is highly influenced by these skills.
All participants in the inquiry will enjoy the benefit of personal, professional learning. All participants will be familiar with evaluation and assessment process. As the process will be progressing through the semester, participants will find themselves actively lesson planning on issues involving growing success more so descriptive feedback (Caro-Bruce, 2008).
Transition of teachers to assessment for learning instructional model requires teamwork with fellow teachers to ensure effective student learning and skill development. Before the collaborative inquiry was implemented, competency levels of teachers varied. Collaborative inquiry utilization will help teachers acquire training on