Princess with a feminist twist

Princesses with a Feminist Twist Cinderella is such a beauty. One day she went to the palace by invitation of a friend. So she tag along and thereshe met the prince and they danced. The prince was enamored by her beauty and intended to marry her. He thought she would be ecstatic with his proposal because she will live a life of privilege. Upon her return to the palace upon the invitation of the prince, the prince proposed marriage to Cinderella. Cinderella ran away and left her right shoe and did not return to the palace.
The prince then embarked on a nationwide search for Cinderella testing the shoe to every girl if it would fit. All of the girls hoped that it would fit them so they could marry the prince and live a life of privilege. Cinderella did not know of this news or cared about it because she is just too preoccupied with a lot of things.
One day, Cinderella was met with palace guards and was ask to try the shoe. The shoe fit and was asked if it was hers and she said yes. Then the prince came and ask her to marry him and become his queen. She was petrified with the idea because being a queen would mean being idle. No, she also did not see the life in the palace as a life of privilege but rather a prison that would put her education to waste. She would like to have a career of her own and abhors the idea of being a princess because that would mean being subservient to the prince. The prince committed suicide later out of depression of being rejected by Cinderella.