Reflecting on Writing Diagnostic Seminar

The various key concepts may include building goodwill practical, concise, clear, factual, and persuasive concepts among the involved parties. The proper practice of the above elements brings about effective communication between the involved individuals. Clear communication is the key to each and every effective undertaking needs to be enhanced in order to facilitate the growth and expansion of the different ideological methodologies used in different categories.
Communication needs to be more persuasive in order to make the involved individuals more satisfied in their discussion. With the satisfaction of the parties involved such as the customers, there is the retention of the customers thus earning the business loyalty which is a key element in enhancing the growth of business goodwill (Bovel, Courtland, and John, 50). Transparency in any communication is another key factor in enabling effective communication to take place between parties because it fosters and endeavours to find the truthiness of the matter to avoid deceit hence creating trust between the parties involved.
In analysing the prevailing operations, various discrepancies were encountered among them being the transparency from the different personnel involved. The fact that communication is at times hectic, analysing the available situations makes it easier for the solving of the available issues on the time they are encountered. The total interpretation of the issue makes it easier for the discussion to be held. The analysis of an issue helps in coming up with the most crucial factors to be considered in the discussion thus making the communication much more coherent.
On the comparison of the done analysis on the different undertakings, proper analysis brings in more information to the individuals thus enhancing the under the stability of the issues being talked about.
Analysing any issue makes it easier to have the discussion much lively as the involved people got more information sources to air out in the discussion thus bringing the idea of clear points which are much persuasive to the audience.&nbsp.