Relationship between Higher Education and Professional Competence

It is true that in higher education, a high level of professionalism is expected. My personal though is that the quality of higher education determines the level of professional competence. This is because higher education is responsible for developing and nurturing professionalism in all aspects of society.
We have worked in the military together for some time and traveled to other countries. I noted the same concern with you that the standards of education in our country need to be improved so that the country can improve the standards of professional competence. For instance, professionalism in the military largely depends on the quality of learning and training received from learning institutions and training camps. In your conclusion, you pointed out a very important concern for the public. Americans really need to understand the strong correlation between professional competence and higher education. This way, they will be able to uphold the standards and integrity of education thereby improving the standards of professional competence in the society.