Role Play Sales Callscenario You Are A Sales Rep


Role Play Sales Call


You are a sales rep

for Gigi’s cupcakes, a one-of-a-kind cupcake manufacturer with over 100 locations nationwide (Gigi’s, 2016). Please use the following link to familiarize yourself with this company:

Gigi’s cupcakes has decided they would like to grow their business by getting their products into your local grocery store.

Your goal is to introduce Gigi’s cupcakes to the grocery store’s corporate grocery buyer, Joe Smith, with whom you have secured an appointment with through telemarketing. This will be your first face-to-face meeting with Joe. Your goal for the meeting is to introduce Gigi’s Cupcakes to the buyer, and to secure at least a trial order of your products into their stores.

Author a role-play script of your face-to-face sales call with Joe Smith:

· Introduce yourself, and establish rapport with the prospect (Joe Smith).

· Uncover the prospect’s (Joe Smith) needs by using open-ended questions.

· Relate features and benefits of your product to the prospect (Joe Smith).

· Include at least one objection from your prospect, Joe Smith, and your response to overcome it.

· Ask for the business!

Appended to your script, how were the points of your role play which made it an effective sales call and why?Identify your open-ended questions, why you selected them?

What needs did you intend to uncover by asking Joe those questions?

How did you differentiated between the features and benefits of your product?

What strategy did you implement to overcome the prospect’s (Joe Smith) objection?

Please help in any way, and thank you again. I appreciate it.