Samsung Galaxy S4 Pool Party Commercial

The commercial Pool party is a commercial used by Samsung Company to advertise or market a mobile phone called Samsung Galaxy S4. An effective review or analysis of the commercial is through addressing the following concepts: Demographic, psychographic, overt and covert of the message.
Demographic for the Commercial
Demographic refers to the characteristics of the target market such as annual income, age, occupation, area of residence, and educational attainment. Demographics also encompass children’s age and location of people in terms of a rural or urban setting. The commercial of the Samsung galaxy s4 is a graduation pool party. This implies that the target is mostly teens or youths who are still in college or new in their respective jobs (Samsung Galaxy 1).
Psychographics of the Commercial
Psychographics in commercial involves lifestyles, behaviors, and psychology of customers. The Samsung Galaxy S4 commercial is a graduation pool party, which implies that a target market is a group of youths or elders who like having fun. On contrary to demographics that identify the buyers, psychographics determines the reasons why customers purchase a product.
Demographics and Psychographics Excluded From the Commercial
Since the commercial is a graduation pool party, a number of demographics and psychographic aspects are absent. For instance, the commercial does not fully cover the customers in rural areas as well as the ageing population.
Overt Message of the Advertisement
The overt message found in commercials is a blatant form of advertisement commonly used in television, newspapers, leaflets and billboards. The Samsung commercial features numerous television channels such as TNT during NBA broadcast (Samsung Galaxy 1).