School Education

They are expensive for employees to buy but cheaper for the company since the company can buy it in bulk. This will have a significant impact on the employees. One way to do it is to subsidize the foods in the canteen by giving employees food stamps and giving them free staple foods as part of their benefit like giving them a sack of rice or whatever their basic foods are.
Response to classmate 1: This is a very sensible and heroic thing to do to instead spare the child from the danger of working in the street and instead take the danger to yourself. Then let the child work in the safe environment of the factory. But it would have been better if the two of you could work there because exposing yourself in an unsafe environment is very dangerous especially if the health center is far.
Response to classmate 2: I agree with you to have a clinic rather than chose a street with potential violence but what if you have to make a choice and your choice is limited. Would you have your child work in the street instead?