Select A Corporation And Perform An Indepth Five Year Financial Analysis Of That Firm

At a minimum,


Select a corporation and perform an in-depth, five year, financial analysis of that firm. At a minimum,

annual reports should be evaluated for that five year period. Additional, direct sources of information would include 10K reports and interviews with internal or external (such as financial analysts, investment bankers or brokers) sources. The Internet is an excellent source that contains significant financial data. Your project’s content will vary from corporation to corporation depending on the findings of your research. The Regis University library is an excellent research source and a resource librarian will join our class with information as to databases and research methodologies that will assist you in completing this project. At minimum, the project should include:

· Ratio analyses (five year trend for the corporation; compare to a like corporation or the industry)

· Your opinion of the effectiveness of the financial management of the corporation

· An assessment of the corporation’s stock from an investor’s perspective

· An opinion of whether or not the firm is trying to maximize wealth

· The firm’s ability for raising capital

· Perform and assessment of their outstanding bond issues

· Recommendations for improving the firm’s financial position

· An overall summary of the firm’s financial condition

· Any other financial information, covered in this course, that you believe to be of value